100% Pure Hemp Back Packs


100% Pure Hemp Back Packs

$40.00 $30.00

Made from 100% pure hemp and combined with woven cotton in the most stunning colors, they are super affordable and highly durable. Great for students, hikers and travelers the like, there’s room for a lot, including side pockets for a water bottle and zip up front pouches for your mobile device. Looking for a “hands free” solution to carrying your laptop around? Our spacious large backpacks will provide that convenience.
If you’re planning a on a short day trip, then our small backpacks will be right up your alley. They are just a compact version of our larger ones and just the thing you need if you don’t have too much to carry around. Invest in a few and watch your customers line up to buy. Our hemp backpacks have been extremely popular with our customers in Italy and Spain with repeat orders on a regular basis

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